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Phoenix Autism Center

An IonPros Case Study

"Partnering with IonPros has propelled our business forward at the exact pace we aspire to grow."

The Client

Phoenix Autism Center is a family-owned and operated autism treatment center specializing in providing exceptional care for children aged 2 – 6 years old. Established by a couple who themselves received an autism diagnosis, Justin and Bre Hartman were driven by a personal commitment to establish unparalleled standards of autism treatment within the state.

The Ask

To meet the ever-increasing demand for their high-quality treatment for autistic kids, the Hartman’s created ambitious goals for the business. They set out to double their capacity at their current location, and to add a second location to their portfolio of autism treatment centers.

The Action

IonPros implemented a range of services to drive more targeted leads for the business, resulting in full centers and continued growth plans for the company.

SEO – Our emphasis was on enhancing content through regular additions to the page, which involved frequent posting of new blog content and expanding information on existing pages. By maintaining consistent updates to the backend of the website, we ensured optimization and top-notch functionality, contributing to an elevated user experience and improved search engine rankings.

Media – Recognizing the significance of April as Autism Awareness Month nationwide, we strategically positioned Justin Hartman as an authority figure in the local media landscape. Leveraging his expertise and insights, we proactively pitched compelling story ideas to various television stations.

Google Ads – For our Google Ads campaigns, we meticulously optimized each campaign to pinpoint and engage our highly specific target audience. This strategic approach ensures that every dollar invested translates into a smart and impactful investment, maximizing the effectiveness of our advertising efforts.

Creative – We support Phoenix Autism Center with all their creative needs, from social media posts to Facebook and Instagram content pieces to artwork for collateral and more. Our team of graphic designers are equipped to deliver excellence every day.


IonPros engaged with this client in January of this year. April saw:


increase in phone calls from January


increase in organic website traffic


increase in website clicks from Google Business Profile


increase in Google Ads Impressions with a 40% deduction in Google Ads budget


“Partnering with IonPros has propelled our business forward at the exact pace we aspire to grow. Their clear and consistent communication, coupled with regular strategic direction sessions and reporting, has been instrumental in keeping us on track towards our goals. They consistently go above and beyond to meet our needs swiftly and effectively – no ask is too great. I look forward to seeing the continued growth of our business with the help of IonPros.”

– Justin Hartman, Phoenix Autism Center